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HANNOVER MESSE 2022 rescheduled for beginning of June 21 January

Hannover. Deutsche Messe AG, in close cooperation with the HANNOVER MESSE exhibitor advisory board and partner associations VDMA (Association of ...

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HANNOVER MESSE 2022: “The biggest transformation since industrialization” 29 November

“We are facing the greatest transformation since industrialization –into resource-saving, climate-neutral and sustainable production,” said Dr. Jochen Köckler, CEO of ...

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HANNOVER MESSE 2022 - focus on digitalization and decarbonization 5 August

“The past few months have shown that digital formats cannot replace a real trade fair,” said Dr. Jochen Köckler, CEO ...

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HANNOVER MESSE shows the future of industry… and the tradeshow business 21 April

Year after year, HANNOVER MESSE is the showcase for industry and a catalyst for future topics such as AI, sustainable ...

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Innovation, Networking and Orientation in the Age of Industrial Transformation 17 February

The corona pandemic has accelerated the digitalization of industry. At the same time, it has exposed the vulnerability of global ...

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HANNOVER MESSE 2021: Analog. Digital. Hybrid. 12 October

When HANNNOVER MESSE opens its doors in April 2021, companies will once again have the opportunity to bring their products ...

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HANNOVER MESSE Digital Days to premiere from 14 to 15 July 2020 16 June

Despite the Corona crisis, industrial transformation continues unabated. With its mega topics of digitalization, individualization, climate protection, and demographic change, ...

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HANNOVER MESSE 2020 postponed 10 March

HANNOVER MESSE 2020 has been postponed to the week of 13 to 17 July. Deutsche Messe AG is thus responding ...

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HANNOVER MESSE 2020: How change becomes growth 27 February

The manufacturing industry worldwide is grappling with the twin challenges of technological change and economic and political uncertainty. With its ...

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HANNOVER MESSE 2020: Integrating digital platforms into the real world 6 February

Hannover. Digital business platforms are an important part of HANNOVER MESSE, where they cut across multiple areas of the “Digital ...

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Global Business & Markets - EUROPE’S LARGEST FOREIGN TRADE PLATFORM 16 January

In just eight years Global Business & Markets has developed into Europe’s largest foreign trade platform. In 2019 this unique ...

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Digital Ecosystems on center stage at HANNOVER MESSE 19 December

At HANNOVER MESSE 2020, processes and technologies that up until quite recently were regarded as separate and distinct will be ...

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Keen interest in artificial intelligence. Industry 4.0 Forum 2020 – call for papers now open 4 December

Attending HANNOVER MESSE means being face-to-face with the future of industry. The world’s leading trade show for industrial technology gives ...

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HANNOVER MESSE 2020: Digital transformation and logistics 20 November

Hannover. Industry 4.0 and digitalization are transforming all sectors of the economy, including logistics, where once tried and proven material ...

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HANNOVER MESSE 2020: “Industrial Transformation” lead theme shows the way forward amid turbulent times 27 September

The global industrial sector is in the midst of a period of major change, driven primarily by the megatrends of ...

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HANNOVER MESSE to host Global Manufacturing and Industrialisation Summit in 2020 16 July

Following Abu Dhabi and Yekaterinburg, the third Global Manufacturing and Industrialisation Summit will take place 20–21 April 2020 at HANNOVER ...

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HANNOVER MESSE 2019: “Driver of industrial transformation” 10 April

Make digital transformation tangible – that was what HANNOVER MESSE 2019 promised. After five days, the organizers announced a positive ...

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14 Perm Region Companies to Present Their Products at HANNOVER MESSE 28 March

PERM, 27.03.2019 - On April 1-5, 2019, the city Hannover (Lower Saxony, Germany) will host the international trade fair HANNOVER ...

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What next after Industry 4.0? Get the answers at the Industrial Pioneers Summit 12 March

Digitization, integration and artificial Intelligence are now driving growth in virtually every sector, with more and more companies leveraging the ...

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HANNOVER MESSE devotes top priority to industrial security 21 February

Enterprises can do a lot to avert the risks posed by internal and external hackers. From the outset industrial security ...

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HANNOVER MESSE 2019: The road to digitization 18 February

To stay competitive, manufacturing enterprises need to integrate the data at play in all of their value-creation processes. From 1 ...

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Spotlight on industrial intelligence – from components to systems solutions 30 January

Industry is in a process of rapid and radical change, as topics like artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning continue ...

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HANNOVER MESSE 2019: Focus on the driving forces behind intelligent industry 16 January

Everyone is talking about the digital transformation of industry. Visitors to the Digital Factory halls at HANNOVER MESSE can discover ...

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Swedish forces gather for the world's largest industrial fair 18 December

For the first time ever, Sweden will be a partner country at the Hannover Fair, the world's largest industrial fair. ...

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IAMD 2019: A world of solutions for smart factories 29 October

Smart sensors, intelligent drives, modular production, automated logistics systems and holistic solutions for intelligent manufact uring – HANNOVER MESSE has it ...

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Integrated Energy – new name, strong concept 16 October

Leading Trade Show for Integrated Energy Systems for Industry, Heating and Mobility Hannover. With a total of over 84,000 visitors ...

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HANNOVER MESSE 2019: Industry 4.0 meets AI 4 October

HANNOVER MESSE is driving forward the digital transformation of the production and energy industries. Every year marks the next step ...

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HANNOVER MESSE 2018 - Man, machine and fist bumps 6 May

“Technology is not about competing with us humans; it’s about assisting us. That is the core message conveyed by this ...

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HANNOVER MESSE 2018 – World’s leading trade fair for Industry 4.0 12 April

“With numerous exhibitors from every segment of HANNOVER MESSE highlighting the lead theme, Industry 4.0 will feature prominently throughout the ...

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10 April

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Smart suppliers: the key to greater efficiency and sustainability 3 April

 Digital process chains that reduce development times, closed loops that boost efficiency and sustainability: HANNOVER MESSE 2018 will demonstrate the ...

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Current trends and topics at the central Industrial Supply Forum 28 March

Hannover, Germany. From wind energy to lightweight engineering, from global sourcing to the promotion of young engineering talent – in ...

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Software and IT solutions for the digital transformation 27 February

HANNOVER MESSE’s Digital Factory show is where professionals from the manufacturing industries go to find software and IT solutions that ...

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Taking Industry 4.0 to the next level 13 February

The digital integration of industry, energy and logistics is gathering pace, with traditional boundaries between industries breaking down, productivity rising ...

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Concentrated robotics power at HANNOVER MESSE 2018 23 January

ABB, Epson, Kawasaki, Kuka, Mitsubishi, Schunk, Stäubli, Universal Robots, Franka Emika and Yaskawa – the exhibitor list for HANNOVER MESSE ...

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ROBOTICS AWARD 2018 19 January

In 2018, the organizers of HANNOVER MESSE will again be offering the ROBOTICS AWARD for applied robotics solutions. It will ...

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Global Business & Markets shows advantages of globalization 28 November

Internationally active companies need comprehensive information about world markets. Global Business & Markets at HANNOVER MESSE provides exactly that – ...

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From first idea to market-ready product, Research & Technology showcases the world of applied research 30 October

  Lightweight design that promotes energy and resource efficiency. Modular micro-wind turbines that everyone can use to generate sustainable energy. ...

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New at the Energy show: Electric Transportation Systems 26 October

Growing urbanization and the associated increases in emission concentrations are major challenges that call for sustainable vehicle systems and tailored ...

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HANNOVER MESSE 2018: Industrie 4.0 reaches the next stage 6 October

“HANNOVER MESSE is the place to experience the rapid development and impact of Industrie 4.0,” said Dr. Jochen Köckler, Chairman ...

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HANNOVER MESSE 2017: More attendees, more solutions, more international! 10 May

Making the benefits of digitalization tangible – that was the declared objective of HANNOVER MESSE 2017. After five action-packed days ...

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HERMES AWARD 2017 10 April

The HERMES AWARD is one of the world’s most prestigious technology prizes. It is offered every year by Deutsche Messe ...

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Industrie 4.0 is changing Industries, Markets ... and Trade Fairs 7 April

Industry 4.0 is increasingly blurring the lines between the various sectors of industry, while innovation cycles continue to get shorter. ...

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Russia – Germany: Digital Transformation of Industries and New Opportunities for Cooperation 30 March

Hosted by HANNOVER MESSE, April 26, 2017, Hannover, Germany. The panel session aims at focusing on opportunities of the industrial ...

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Transneft at the HANNOVER MESSE 2017 15 March

Transneft will take part in the industrial trade fair HANNOVER MESSE 2017, Hannover, Germany, on 24-28 April 2017. Transneft stand ...

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Research today: Flexible manufacturing on the road to production runs of one 1 March

Machines today produce parts in networked, pre-programmed production runs: pieces are turned, milled and measured in a set order. But ...

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HANNOVER MESSE 2017: Adding value with Industry 4.0 27 February

Robots that are as simple to operate as smartphones. Machines that learn from their mistakes. Energy systems that are digitally ...

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Robotics at HANNOVER MESSE: Big names and innovative startups 1 February Robotics at HANNOVER MESSE: Big names and innovative startups

Big names, innovative startups, and robots with near-human touch sensitivity – it’s all at HANNOVER MESSE, the must-see showcase for ...

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“Integrated Industry – Creating Value” is the official lead theme for HANNOVER MESSE 2017. 11 October

With Industrie 4.0, integrated energy, digital twins, predictive maintenance, digital energy, and networked and collaborative robots (cobots), companies of all ...

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HANNOVER MESSE – Get new technology first! 18 May

The world’s leading trade fair for industrial technology ran from 25 to 29 April 2016 in Hannover, Germany. HANNOVER MESSE ...

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11 May

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15 April

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HANNOVER MESSE – Get new technology first! 1 March

The world’s leading trade fair for industrial technology runs from 25 to 29 April 2016 in Hannover, Germany. A broad ...

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Commerce Department to bring U.S. companies and economic development organizations to world’s largest trade show for industrial technology WASHINGTON – ...

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The USA is Partner Country at HANNOVER MESSE 2016 27 October

The United States and Germany have historically enjoyed strong political and trade relationships with one another, now the world’s largest ...

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Industrie 4.0, energy efficiency, smart grids: HANNOVER MESSE gets to grips with the key issues and sets new trends 5 October

Since 2013 the keynote theme of HANNOVER MESSE has been “Integrated Industry”. This concept stands for smart factories where management ...

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Marc Siemering, Senior Vice President HANNOVER MESSE: Welcome to HANNOVER MESSE! 15 September

It is only logical that the USA has chosen HANNOVER MESSE 2016 in order to showcase itself as an industrial ...

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9 June

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28 May

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Moscow Convention Bureau to co-organize the stand of Moscow enterprises at Hannover Messe 2015 7 April

Guests of the International Industrial Fair Hannover Messe (Hannover, Germany, April 13-17) are invited to visit the stand of Moscow ...

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Hannover Messe, 7-11 апреля 30 May Hannover Messe, 7-11 апреля

OOO " Deutsche Messe Rus " a subsidiary of the German exhibition company Deutsche Messe AG. The company organizes more ...

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Dates: 30 May - 02 June 2022
Venue: Hannover Exhibition Grounds
Address:   Messegelande, D-30521 Hannover, Germany
City: Hannover
Country: Germany

Description:  The world‘s leading trade fair for industrial technology
Organizer: Deutsche Messe AG

Map of exhibition grounds 

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HANNOVER MESSE 2019 showed that it is the world’s most important platform for all technologies related to industrial transformation,” said Dr. Jochen Köckler, Chairman of the Managing Board at Deutsche Messe. “More than 215,000 visitors used HANNOVER MESSE to invest in new technologies and prepare their businesses for the future. Only Hannover provides the comprehensive look at application scenarios, the potential and the interaction of Industrie 4.0, artificial intelligence, 5G, and energy solutions.”

Roughly 6,500 exhibitors from around the world presented solutions for the future of manufacturing and energy supply, including more than 500 examples of the deployment of artificial intelligence in industrial manufacturing, 5G applications, and solutions for the energy and mobility transitions. Robotics was also a major draw for visitors. Leading robot manufacturers and robotics startups demonstrated real-world applications for all industry sectors. With 160 exhibiting companies, Partner Country Sweden stood out as a high-tech nation.

HANNOVER MESSE sets course for bright future

In an age of digital transformation, HANNOVER MESSE is also evolving. Thanks to a strategic retooling, including a rebranding, new thematic approach and new physical layout of the showgrounds. HANNOVER MESSE is preparing to underscore its role as the world’s leading industrial technology showcase.

Featuring seven main display categories, the updated format will set the stage for further growth in the core segments of industry, energy and logistics.

The next HANNOVER MESSE runs from 30 May to 02 June 2022.

Portugal is Partner Country.