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“d!conomy – no limits”: Keynote theme at CeBIT 2017 reveals the enormous potential afforded by digitalization.

22 September/ 2016

“The keynote theme of ‘d!conomy – no limits’ stands for the opportunities which have opened up for companies via digitalization and new technologies,” explained Oliver Frese, Managing Board Member at Deutsche Messe, in a recent interview, continuing: “The keynote theme in 2017 also stands for the fact that the human/machine interface is undergoing a profound shift, as is the traditional distinction between reality and virtual reality. As designers of the digital age, people should not limit themselves in terms of new ideas and options, but should open-mindedly assess the possible options and take on an active role in shaping the transition.”

The next CeBIT will be staged from 20 to 24 March 2017, with Japan as its official Partner Country. “Our featured CeBIT Partner Country, Japan, will surely put a great deal of spin on the show’s keynote theme. When it comes to digitalization, Japanese society demonstrates a very open and innovative mindset. Europe can take its cues from Japan with regard to pursuing creative new approaches and welcoming new technologies with an eye toward the potential they offer,” remarked Frese. More information

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