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CeBIT Global Conferences 2015: Jeremy Rifkin to share and discuss his theories on the “Eclipse of Capitalism”

4 February/ 2015

Hannover. Jeremy Rifkin is taking part in the CeBIT Global Conferences. With a long and distinguished career as a political advisor, futurist, economic and social theorist, columnist and bestselling author, Rifkin is one of the 150 most influential thinkers in the USA. In his latest book, The Zero Marginal Cost Society, he describes a future without capitalism – a future which, in his view, is not that far away. With sharing concepts now redefining ownership, buildings controlled by apps, cars driving themselves, and smart watches urging us to get active when we’ve been sitting around too long, the Share Economy and the Internet of Things are already here. Rifkin’s theory takes this a step further and postulates that the marginal costs of many goods and services will decrease to almost zero, making them to all intents and purposes free and hence shareable.

Thanks to the Internet, this near-zero marginal cost phenomenon is already transforming the entertainment, communications and publishing industries. News and Information are available online for free, we can listen to music, watch movies and TV and read books at almost zero cost, and the currency of communication is our own data. Jeremy Rifkin will adderss the social and economic implications of the “zero-cost society” on Tuesday, 17 March, at the CeBIT Global Conferences in Hall 8 at the Hanover Exhibition Center in Germany.

Jeremy Rifkin is one of the world’s most influential social theorists and cultural critics. “Capitalism will cease to be the sole dominant economic paradigm. It will be a powerful partner of the Collaborative Commons, with the result that we will be able to produce and share many of our products and services at almost no cost,” he said in an interview with Germany’s Zeit online in early December.

Rifkin, a US citizen, is the author of 20 internationally bestselling books on the impact of scientific and technological changes on the economy, society, the workforce and the environment. His works over the years have, among much else, warned of the dangers and ethical problems associated with genetic technologies and argued for a new energy model. He has been a senior lecturer at the University of Pennsylvania Wharton School of Business since 1994 and is an advisor to several governments around the world, including the German government. He is also an advisor to the EU Commission.

About the CeBIT Global Conferences

The CeBIT Global Conferences are the highlight of the conference program at CeBIT. High-profile international speakers from business and government will discuss the big issues and challenges of the digital world in a range of presentation formats spread across three stages. Held in Hall 8, the Conferences will feature keynote addresses, workshops, expert discussion panels and a networking area. Admission charges apply. The Conferences will be conducted in English and German.

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