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Featuring the new 5G mobile communications standard – live and in action

3 March/ 2017

Mobile connectivity is a key driver of digital transformation – which is soon going to be even faster, thanks to the new 5G wireless communications standard. The first application scenarios for this new standard will be on show this March at CeBIT in Hannover, Germany.

Hannover. It sounds almost too good to be true: a data transmission rate which is 1,000 times faster than the LTE network, with top speeds of 10 gigabytes per second, while at the same time consuming less energy than ever before – and with a reaction time of less than a millisecond. The impending 5G wireless communications standard is set to make this a reality. The plan is for it become the backbone for connecting production robots, power plants, operating room equipment and LED streetlights to the Internet of Things.

5G – the 5th generation of mobile communications technology – will lay the technological foundation for countless new IoT developments and their seamless connectivity with mobility, logistics, energy and communications services of all kinds. A number of future scenarios could theoretically be realized using current network technology. But 5G is going to significantly expand this potential, allowing billions of machines to be connected to the Internet – a connectivity which is a necessary precondition for the concrete implementation of concepts and business models that rely heavily on the Internet of Things.

Outstanding innovations drivers at CeBIT

Top decision-makers from the research, industrial and retailing communities can join IT enthusiasts from around the globe to see the limitless opportunities of real-time connectivity first-hand at CeBIT 2017. Telefónica Germany for example will be appearing in Hall 12 with its “360° Networking World” showcase, featuring developments like the “FeedbackNow” real-time feedback system consisting of a Smiley box and the GTX SmartSole – a shoe sole with a tracking function which, thanks to integrated Global SIM, can be used worldwide. Other exhibitors, such as Deutsche Telekom, Vodafone and Huawei will also be highlighting 5G technology. Further impressive use cases for trailblazing mobile communications concepts can be seen at the “Internet of Things” and “Communication & Networks” display sectors in Hall 12 as well as the “Unmanned Systems & Solutions” display sector in Hall 17, where everything will revolve around the booming drone business. No other event covers digitalization from the standpoint of technology and hot topics as broadly and as thoroughly as CeBIT Hannover.

Autonomous vehicles are one of the cutting-edge markets which depend on fast real-time data from the 5G network. In the opinion of Dr. Wolfgang Bernhart, automotive partner at Roland Berger business consultants, robot taxis will be part of the urban landscape in many big cities ten years from now. If this sounds like science fiction to anyone, they can see it in live operation for themselves at CeBIT, where the Swiss Post Office will be demonstrating its SmartShuttle driverless bus, which is already part of the local mass transit system in the Swiss canton of Valais. At CeBIT 2017 the SmartShuttle bus will link the West entrance with Hall 12. 

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