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Getting the most out of the digital office revolution with CEBIT 2018

7 February/ 2018

Work smarter, not harder: the new CEBIT in June 2018 is there to gear business up for the digital office revolution. In Halls 14 to 17, IT professionals and decision-makers from the realms of business, trade and the public sector will find everything they need to futureproof and digitize their operations. That’s solutions for everything from data management and cloud applications to customer centricity to Workplace 4.0.

Two stages for quality info on the use of digital technologies

Speakers on two stages in Halls 14/15 and 17 will be revealing to visitors how they can leverage new digital office concepts to digitize a whole range of business processes. The program includes the CEBIT Digital Office Summit, which will be held on Wednesday, 13 June. The back-story here is that it’s already possible to use mobile devices to manage and monitor entire document workflows, from initial scanning to verification by managers and on to assignment to the required applications and business processes. It’s all down to smart data – the magic that enables mobile users to classify and apply documents to business cases at the point of collection.

New: OpenStack / Open Source group pavilion

The "OpenStack / Open Source" pavilion in Hall 15 is a new showcase devoted to free and open-source software tools for building cloud computing platforms. Applications, key trends and challenges relating to OpenStack software will be discussed at the OpenStack Summit, which will be held on the Expert Stage in Hall 14/15 on Friday, 15 June. In a recently published study, the OpenStack Foundation forecasts OpenStack revenue to exceed USD 6 billion by 2021 on the back of a compound annual growth rate of 30 percent.

New: Target Group Days and Guided Tours

With its all-new Target Group Days and its tried and tested Guided Tours, CEBIT will literally be guiding visitors directly to the solutions they need. Topic highlights include digitization of HR, Marketing 5.0 and Easy Finance.

And to cap it all off, exhibitors and visitors will be able to use the d!campus at the center of the CEBIT venue to network, make new contacts and wind down in a relaxed atmosphere at the end of each busy day at the show.

The power of three: exhibitor displays, conferences and networking

Packing a triple punch of exhibitor displays, conferences and prime networking, CEBIT is the only event in Europe to present all available digital workspace solutions in such an informative and engaging mix of formats.

It is a winning formula that is successfully mobilizing exhibitors, including Matrix42, one of the world’s leading providers of workspace management software. Matrix42 is returning to the CEBIT fold after a break in 2017. Vice President Marketing Jörg Petzhold explains: "The highly concentrated format with its focus on digitization is what clinched it for us. As a German-based software manufacturer, we are looking forward to the new CEBIT. We and our partners are excited to be exhibiting in Hannover under the motto 'Simplify Digital Work'."

Artificial intelligence in the digital office?

Another highlight that’s guaranteed to generate a lot of interest is the lecture by Lukas Hebeisen, Head of Technology & Digital Transformation for the document management specialist Swiss Post Solutions. Held on the Tuesday of CEBIT – 12 June – in Hall 17, his presentation will explore the potential applications of AI in digital office environments. Hebeisen: "Although the AI dream has been around for a while and is immensely hyped, many businesses have still not realized any real commercial benefit from it. And yet the potential for AI is vast, given that around 80 percent of the data that companies receive on a daily basis – material like text documents and images – is unstructured. Artificial intelligence can be used to take the digital office to the next level."

Good prospects for digital office solutions providers

The prospects for providers of digital office applications are looking good. A study by the German ICT association BITKOM indicates that nearly 20% of SMEs are looking at investing in integrated office software solutions in the near future, while another 8% have plans to replace or upgrade their enterprise content management or document management solutions.

The age of intelligent software and digital assistants

Digital workspace technology is growing and evolving rapidly – a fact that will be abundantly clear at the upcoming CEBIT. Artificial intelligence, which is already a part of numerous business workspace solutions, is constantly evolving and taking on ever more complex tasks. Perhaps one of the exciting developments on this front is robotic process automation (RPA) – software that can manage very complex business processes from end to end without any need for human intervention. Digital assistants – smart software that responds to voice commands – is another exciting development in digital workspace technology. All of these solutions are making the digital office an increasingly important part of the Internet of Things.

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