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Stylish. Eco-friendly. Autonomous. Electric bus «CityRhythm-12Е» - a new metropolis hero.

18 September/ 2018

“Volgabus” Company, the leader in the field of innovations in the Russian bus market, presents the latest electric bus “CityRhythm-12E” at the «IAA Nutzfahrzeuge 2018» exhibition. The electric bus is capable of driving for up to 300 km autonomously, though the night charging time is only 5 hours. Additionally, a storage facility of electric buses does not require expensive infrastructure.

Electric bus, created specifically for the European market, stands out by its bright design with avantgarde elements of the new brand style that distinguish "Volgabus" in the stream of buses. LED lights with low power consumption and high contrast complement the image of the technological and friendly transport of the future.

All major technological operations in the production of the electric bus are performed by industry robots. Kuka systems guarantee perfect and reliable welding seams and Fanuc robots guarantee high-precision automated painting.

Developing the new version of the electric bus, "Volgabus" engineering center has applied a number of technologies that increase energy saving. Thanks to composite materials and lightweight alloys, the body weight was reduced by 30%.

The electric bus has an electric drive integrated into the rear leading axle, which allows to save space in the passenger compartment and to increase distance between the wheel housings. Two motor-wheels with a total capacity of 250 kW guarantee excellent dynamic performance and comfortable maneuvering in the city traffic.

During design and development, it was decided to completely abandon pneumatic and hydraulic elements that reduce the autonomy of the electric bus and require additional service. Electric power steering, consuming energy only on turns, electric door drives and heating pump used instead of the traditional climate system allowed to bring the average energy consumption to 1 kWh/km. Additional power supply is also available as a result of software development, which enabled to use the charge most effectively.

Next Generation Li-Ion high capacity batteries with a total capacity of 300 kWh were installed in the electric bus. They allowed to keep the lowfloor layout in most part of the passenger compartment.

The bus is friendly for every passenger. A large crowding area has enough space for bikes, strollers and wheelchairs. Driver call buttons are installed on the conveniently arranged handrails. The bus is equipped with a folding ramp for wheelchairs and USB-chargers for gadgets.

Much attention was paid to ergonomics of the driver’s place. Simple and easy-to-use keys, bright LED display, electric power steering reduce workload and make driving easy and comfortable.

Testing of the electric bus on the Russian routes confirmed the effectiveness of the technological solutions implemented by “Volgabus”. In the near future, immediately after certification, tests of the electric bus “CityRhythm-12E” will start in several European capitals and metropolises.

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