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LABVOLUTION 2019: Laboratory technology in today’s networked era

14 January/ 2019

The upcoming LABVOLUTION (21 to 23 May 2019 in Hannover, Germany) will put a bright spotlight on the integrated laboratory. Europe’s flagship trade fair for innovative laboratory technology and lab workflow optimization will be launching a number of new formats for users and interested visitors from the laboratory industry. Highlights include the enhanced smartLAB, which develops a vision of the intelligent laboratory for the future.

Hannover, Germany. The digital transformation will figure prominently at the upcoming LABVOLUTION, which feature is first-ever lead theme: “The Integrated Lab”. “Digital transformation, automation, integration and new forms of interaction are changing everyday lab processes”, says Dr. Andreas Gruchow, member of the Managing Board at Deutsche Messe. “At LABVOLUTION, users from key sectors of the lab industry can find the solutions they need in order to tool up their laboratories for competition in the digital age.” The opportunities opened up by digitization are still far from being embraced by the entire lab sector, and LABVOLUTION is the ideal international, interdisciplinary event at which to explore everything of relevance to integration and Lab 4.0, e.g. lab workflows, big data in bioanalytics, common standards and security.

The most important user industries represented at LABVOLUTION are the chemical and pharmaceutical sectors, the life sciences, biotechnology, the environmental, food and medical industries plus research and development. The topic of biologization will also feature prominently at the show. “The biologization of business, the bioeconomy and medical technology is here”, proclaims Dr. Peter Quick, board member of the German Diagnostics Industry Association (VDGH) and Chairman of the Life Science Research Department at the VDGH. “Advances in knowledge in the life sciences are increasingly shaping political and business processes. Biologization is a significant driving force for progress, and holds enormous potential for Germany as a business location.” The life science industry serves as a catalyst here: In terms of market volume, in 2017 for the first time ever, the life science research (LSR) sector in Germany caught up with the diagnostics industry, with both industries generating a turnover of €2.2 billion. “The dynamic progress in life science research made by pioneering technologies in 2017 led to 4.9% growth in the LSR market, which currently consists of more than 200 companies. In the first half of 2018, the LSR market experienced even more dynamic growth of 7.8%”, says Quick. “The driving force behind this development, which can be seen both in Germany and on the global market, is primarily in equipment and related services. Both sectors are dominated by small and medium-sized companies and are characterized by high-intensity R&D.  On average, around 11% of these companies’ turnover is reinvested in R&D and LSR, focusing on key areas such as gene editing (CRISPR), NGS, immune, gene and cell therapy, life cell imaging, in vitro systems from 3D cell cultures to organoids, and interfaces to biopharmaceutical manufacturing. Companion diagnostics, which is used in personalized medicine to complement targeted drug therapies, remains one of the most important bridges between the diagnostics and life science research industries.”


The next LABVOLUTION event takes place from 21 to 23 May 2019 in Hannover. LABVOLUTION is Europe’s flagship fair for innovative lab equipment and laboratory workflow optimization. It showcases every facet of laboratory work, from the life sciences to analytical chemistry, and covers the full array of equipment and infrastructure for research, analysis, production and training laboratories, as needed by the chemical, pharmaceutical, life sciences, environmental protection, food and bioanalytics industries, as well as the R&D sector. A major focus of LABVOLUTION, which began as a spin-off from BIOTECHNICA, is the biotech and research sector, the subject of various presentations in the BIOTECHNICA Forum. Featuring the lead theme “The Integrated Lab”, LABVOLUTION serves as an international platform for the discussion of current topics of interest, such as Lab 4.0, laboratory workflows, and biologization, and adds value for the visitor with formats for knowledge transfer, experience sharing and training. LABVOLUTION is being staged in Hall 19/20 (adjacent to the North 1 entrance).


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