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First-hand about the TRANSPACK exhibition

15 June/ 2020

Nadezhda Talanova, the exhibition director, is answering questions about the exhibition, the audience and the prospects of itNadezhda Talanova, the exhibition director, is answering questions about the exhibition, the audience and the prospects of it

Nadehzda, the packaging market companies have traditionally represented themselves in several of the exhibition projects in Russia. Why would another exhibition be necessary?

There certainly exists a difference between this project and the other ones. The concept of the new exhibition is the focus on one segment, which is the transportation packaging and everything connected with it in a single manufacturing or logistical chain, from equipment and robots to the marking application systems and logistical labels. When forming the new exhibit we are focused on the new packaging process optimization tools and transportation materials. Our exhibition is for those specialists who have a goal of raising the efficiency of the delivery chain and who are closely connected to the logistics of the enterprise.

According to our analytical data, the amount of those specialists amongst the visitors of traditional Russian packaging exhibits is extremely small. The fault lies not with the fact that those exhibits are good or not, but with the vector of the offered products, lying in the direction of the consumer packaging that is closely connected with the production of the goods being packed. Transportation packaging, on the other hand, has a different function. This is the factual part of the logistics and the delivery chain. This means that the audience interested is different, the interests are different and the client demands are different. Close partnership between clients, packaging specialists and delivery chain management experts is necessary for the transportation packaging solutions.

What products, in your opinion, should be represented in the exhibition?

There is a short version of the products in the sections of our exhibition. First of all, it is, of course, the transportation containers, industrial packaging and materials. If we were to speak more broadly, then it would be the boxes, crates, pallets, liners, barrels, protective packaging, lodgments, packaging wraps, tapes, protective corners, etc. It is only at the first unexperienced stare that transportation packaging seems like a narrow subject. The nomenclature of packaging production is quite broad. For every single type of product or cargo, there is its own set of tools and materials. Glass sheets are packed in one way, and it is obvious that assembled window units would require different methods and materials. When choosing what package to use, a specialist would have to consider the nuances of the transportation process, the abilities and dimensions of transports and transportation-lifting equipment, the necessity of palletization, storage conditions and the delivery to the end customer or to the retail network. More so than that, small-piece product packaging (for example, such as pet single-serve food pouches), becomes, at the same time, the packaging for retail display. This imposes the requirements for it to be unique not only in technical specifications, but also in its construction, design and print quality. The theme of SRP - Self-Ready Packaging, is not new in itself, but, currently, when a large emphasis is placed on the environmental friendliness of packaging and the question of it being recyclable is brought up, the multifunctional transportation packaging is going to be even more in demand. This means that the services of packaging design and packaging print will also find their place in the exhibition.

Second thematic unit is the packaging process automation equipment. Automatic unloading processes, palletizers, conveyors, secondary packaging systems, equipment for packaging manufacturing and its recycling, collaborative robots. Of course, a special interest is placed on routine packaging operations robots. It can be said without exaggeration that all of the world robotics leaders have packaging solutions in their arsenal.

And the third thematic unit of the production represented during the exhibit, that, nonetheless, has quite a major meaning, especially during transportation - marking and labeling. With the introduction of the mandatory goods labeling, this sector becomes especially relevant. Specialists would be able to choose the marking equipment, marking services, data collection equipment, software and reading equipment. The function of marking is to tack the goods, singular or in groups, during the entirety of the delivery chain. Where else outside of the transportation packaging equipment exhibition would companies involved with bar code systems and RFID technologies represent their services?

The launch of a new exhibition is never a simple process for the organizers and the participants. How do companies react when offered to take part in a new exhibition? 

First of all, taking part in a new exhibition does not necessarily mean the rejection of the usual exhibition sites.

As a rule, companies have quite an assortment of solutions or equipment for various problems. For everything to be represented in a single place with effectiveness is almost impossible. In any event, the direction and the production have to be prioritized according to the core of the potential audience.

That is why the launch of the TRANSPACK exhibition allows for the targeting approach in participating in the specialized exhibitions. To represent consumer packaging solutions in one exhibit and transportation packaging in TRANSPACK. Every product in the line has its own target audience, which means its own exhibition as a marketing tool.

Aside from that, as an organizer with a huge amount of experience, we understand the “pain” of the participant companies – the lack of new contacts. At the same time, the expansion of the client base is one of the key goals of the exhibition participants. TRANSPACK is a new exhibition for the companies, which means a new audience of potential customers.

What is your confidence in the needed visitor, the potential buyer, coming to the exhibition is based on?   

CeMAT RUSSIA exhibition has been successfully developed for more than 10 years, with logistical services, machinery and equipment for the effective functioning of warehouses and logistics being represented in it. The organizer is Deutsche Messe RUS. In 2019, the exhibition have had record visitor rates. The analysis of the visitor interests had shown that packing and packaging materials were amongst the top inquiries. That could be explained. According to one of the studies done in late 2019 by the DHL Company, nine out of ten companies believe that packaging is going to play an important role in business in the next several years. There is no doubt that the DHL Company, due to the nature of their work, is talking about the transportation packaging.

TRANSPACK exhibition is going to be held at the same time and place as the CeMAT RUSSIA exhibition. In essence, TRANSPACK is broadening the production spectrum of what is offered at CeMAT RUSSIA, giving the audience what it is searching for. With this being quality innovative solutions in transport packaging. This means that you and we are witnesses to a unique event whose participants will definitely find customers for their goods or services. The exhibition that will be held for the first time in September 2020 already has an audience of 5786 specialists in the area of logistics and industrial enterprises delivery chains, e-commerce, retail chains, food and consumer goods manufacturers and logistical services providers.

Nadezhda, you are saying that the exhibitions will take place in the same pavilion on the same dates. Why would a separate exhibition be needed then? Would it not have been easier to expand on the successful CeMAT project by offering the transportation packaging companies a place in it? 

The question is not about how to make things easier, but about what would be the best for the business solutions of the participant companies and the visitors. The TRANSPACK exhibition is going to be hosted in a separate hall, and it will allow for the companies within the packaging sector to both be placed together with the CeMAT RUSSIA and at the same time, apart. This means that the visitor would understand the sectorization of the participants clearly, have an easier time navigating the site, and the participants housed in a separate hall would be sure that the visitors in it are their potential clients that had intentionally come to the transportation packaging exhibition.  

TRANSPACK trade show will take place in Moscow, Crocus Expo from September 22 to 24, 2020.

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