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Kai Varrelmann: The Investment Potential of Krasnoyarsk Krai (The Krasnoyarsk Region) Attracts Foreign Companies

10 September/ 2015

“Krasnoyarsk is the Russian region of paramount importance for the global exhibition network in the field of woodworking and timber processing,” said Kai Varrelmann, Director Organisation & International Sales of Hannover Fairs International. According to Mr. Varrelmann, the arrangement and business programs of ExpoDrev 2015 (September 8-11, Krasnoyarsk) comply with the highest international quality standards.

"At present we are implementing the concept of a developed network of woodworking exhibitions. Our network already includes Germany, Mexico, South Africa, and starting from now -  Russia, represented by the Krasnoyarsk project  ExpoDrev . Krasnoyarsk has created a comfortable atmosphere for professional communication. The event  organizers are experts in everything they do.  The local government supports the project.  All this has become a reliable foundation for trustworthy relationships between the exhibition organizers and participants,” - said Mr. Varrelmann.  “This year many foreign companies are taking part in the project.  And we cannot but rejoice in this fact. There could have been more European companies, but, alas, the current political situation does not allow it."

According to Mr. Varrelmann, the present situation has given rise to two problems, which significantly affect the development of international business contacts. The first is very high bank interest rates, and the second - the destructive symptoms observed in the dealer network of many foreign companies. The dealers are forced to enter only the markets in the countries and regions, where the risk of losses is minimal, that is why many of them  participate only at the Moscow exhibitions, without paying attention to the regions. However, this is a wrong approach. Krasnoyarsk Kari is one of the most promising Russian territories. And if the companies want to develop, they will need to go there, because the investment potential of this region is huge. «ExpoDrev also hosted a meeting on investment projects. We were told about different programs, including those that require financial investments costing up to 25 million euros! This is a very powerful argument for foreign companies - they are most welcome in this region. And of course, at the exhibition the representatives of any company will have an opportunity to meet personally with the executive sponsors of all the investment project, "- said Kai Varrelmann.

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