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Industrie 4.0, energy efficiency, smart grids: HANNOVER MESSE gets to grips with the key issues and sets new trends

5 October/ 2015

Since 2013 the keynote theme of HANNOVER MESSE has been “Integrated Industry”. This concept stands for smart factories where management functions, machines and workpieces are digitally networked. In short, innovation would be impossible without close cooperation. “Integrated Industry – join the Network!”: seven out of ten visitors at HANNOVER MESSE 2015 found this motto good. In other words, both content and concept of HANNOVER MESSE appeal directly to the target audience.

For seven decades HANNOVER MESSE has been highlighting the advances made in production technology. The world’s largest industrial show is a driving force behind technological progress. This can be clearly seen in the “Industrie 4.0” initiative, which made its public debut in Hannover in 2011. Since then policymakers and industry associations have chosen HANNOVER MESSE as the launching pad for various new Industrie 4.0 activities.

A new industrial revolution has begun. Countries which until recently focused on the services sector have rediscovered the benefits of industrial production. Flexible and efficient manufacturing processes are helping to boost the competitiveness of industrialized countries. In Asia, growing prosperity is pushing industrialization forward. Increasingly, small and medium-sized enterprises are reaping the benefits of industrial robots and 3D printers. All over the globe there is a strong shift towards renewable energy, innovative storage technologies and smart, flexible grid systems. Smart grids, energy efficiency, additive manufacturing, human-machine interaction, condition monitoring, lightweight design, decentralized energy supply, electromobility – these are the hot topics at HANNOVER MESSE 2016. And the trends that fascinate the world of industry.

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