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DOMOTEX Success Stories: Carpet tile "collages" employed at Cologne Museum of Applied Arts

13 October/ 2015

Known as "Elementary Shapes", the free-form carpet tiles designed by the Vorwerk company received an innovations award at DOMOTEX 2015. The following success story reveals how these geometric "carpet islands" were used to guide visitors, including children, through the "System Design”" special exhibition at the Cologne Museum of Applied Arts.

The "Elementary Shapes" carpet tiles designed by Werner Aisslinger can be thought of as a new module for individually configurable area rugs. The "Mito" and "Leaf" variants exhibit organic, geometric shapes. On the reverse side, the individual tiles are fitted with a non-slip backing, resulting in handmade, one-of-a-kind tiles which are unique in shape, color and material. These carpet collages add a homey touch to commercial properties.

The new Vorwerk collection was put to good use via a public presentation of the Elementary Shapes carpet tiles from January to June 2015. Curated by René Spitz, the "System Design. Over 100 Years of Everyday Chaos." exhibition at the Cologne Museum of Applied Arts (MAKK) made use of the tiles to mark off waiting areas and define special zones. Designed by Werner Aisslinger, the free-form tiles - in the colors of curry yellow, aquamarine and grey – helped visitors differentiate between three different color-coded tours. One of the tours was designed to accommodate visitors to the Cologne-based "Möbelmesse" furniture show who were pressed for time, while the other two tours were laid out for design aficionados and children. "Each visitor can find his or her own way, with the colors serving as an orientation aid, even at a greater distance,” explained Anke Landsberg, the person in charge of the interior design concepts at the exhibition. She added that “the carpet tiles make the big MAKK hall particularly inviting, all the more so since you can see the whole layout from above."

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