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Key trends at CeBIT 2016

29 March/ 2016

This year’s CeBIT was alive with tangible impressions of how the sweeping wave of digitalization is reshaping the economy and society. Leading research institutes and companies serving every conceivable user industry were joined by numerous startups to showcase the latest advances in the Internet of Things, Cloud computing, IT security, mobile applications and social business.

High-performance drones, self-learning machines, networked vineyards, technology that literally gets under your skin and a robot that can even display emotions: CeBIT 2016 showcased more technical innovations than ever before. All this was backed up by the high-caliber CeBIT Global Conferences featuring more than 200 speakers, among them such personalities as Phil Zimmermann, inventor of the legendary Pretty Good Privacy encryption software, Swedish bio-hacking activist Amal Graafstra and media icon Jeff Jarvis. More

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